A tribute to the work of Cormac Gallagher

The symptom of the psychoanalytic group and the transmission of psychoanalysis

The School of Psychotherapy at St. Vincent’s University Hospital and UCD School of Medicine will hold a two-day international conference on 30th November – 1st December 2018 in UCD Belfield, Dublin. The topic of the conference addresses the challenge for those in the field of psychoanalysis to follow psychoanalysis and to  accurately represent it so that it can be encountered and can intervene effectively in 21st century civilisation..

Sigmund Freud discovered early in his work that resistance accompanies the work of analysis ‘step by step’. Psychoanalysts are not off the hook regarding resistance. Do psychoanalytic groups risk joining other forces of explicit denigration in forming around collective resistance to the psychoanalytic field, to what Freud opened up? How best can a psychoanalytic group carry out the task of representation and provide a productive encounter with the field? What symptom of the group is recommended?

Psychoanalysis provides a very specific practice position and rigorous theoretical basis to both work with and articulate mental phenomena both normal and pathological. It is different from other approaches in that it follows the account of the dynamics of unconscious mental functioning as proposed in the work of Sigmund Freud. It is different from other approaches insofar as it requires its practitioners undergo an extensive experience of psychoanalysis. How can psychoanalytic practitioners and the psychoanalytic group carry out the task of transmitting the knowledge and experience of psychoanalysis to other practitioners in the field of the mental, as well as generally, where what it offers can provide an opportunity to work on the cause of subjective mental crises?

The conference will hear constructive engagement in discussion on these matters. It will have very strong relevance for any practitioner in the field of the mental who grapples with a question about the basis and direction of their practice.  The conference will include contributions from psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and group analysts.

The conference is a tribute to the work of Cormac Gallagher which launched and has grown Lacanian psychoanalysis in Ireland through his practice, his teaching, his setting up, with colleagues, the School of Psychotherapy and his internationally valued translations of the work of Jacques Lacan (


Speakers include: Jean Allouch (Paris), Gérard Amiel (Grenoble), Lionel Bailly (London), Terry Ball (Dublin) , Maria Belo (Lisbon), Mary Cullen (Dublin), Marion Deane (Dublin), Donat Desmond (Derry), Christian Fierens (Brussels), Peter Gunn (Melbourne), Tony Hughes (Dublin),  Terence Larkin (Dublin), Guy Le Gaufey (Paris), Robert Levy (Paris), Patricia McCarthy (Dublin), Malachi McCoy (Dublin), Charles Melman (Paris), Gerard Moore (Dublin), Barry O’Donnell (Dublin), C. Edward Robins (New York), Helen Sheehan (Dublin), Brendan Staunton (Dublin), Shay Ward (Dublin)