The dynamics of transference

What is happening when one person addresses another with an account of their suffering?

Psychoanalytic Study Group: the patient and the service: dynamics of transference in health care settings

February – May 2017

Inevitably at play when a patient addresses someone who is expected to relieve suffering are the dynamics of transference. Ranging from expectation of recognition and of relief to expectation of frustration and disappointment transference phenomena fundamentally determine the progress of any treatment regardless of the medical or psychiatric diagnosis. Psychoanalysis proposes that these expectations operate unconsciously, that is, beyond the immediate access of our conscious cognitive functioning. The psychoanalytic field has been attending to transference for over one hundred years and in that time has produced a very thought-provoking and essential body of clinical writing on its phenomena. This Study Group will provide (mental) health practitioners with access to this rich body of work by pioneers such as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan and Michael Balint. The hour will consist of reading key texts from the psychoanalytic field on transference as well as inviting discussion.

When: Monday lunchtimes, 1 – 1.50 pm, Monday 6 February until Monday 15 May – 12 weeks with no meeting Mondays 10 and 17 April (Easter) and 1 May (Bank Holiday).

Where:  The School of Psychotherapy, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4 from  

Fee: € 90. 

 The content of the Study Group will be very immediately relevant to everyday clinical practice.

 College of Psychiatrists of Ireland: 12 CPD Credits for attendance at all 12 sessions.  The credits can be logged as up to 10 External CPD credits + remainder Internal CPD credits. 

 Fee: € 90.

 For information please see or contact Dr. Barry O’Donnell on

 Application forms available from Louise Hughes, School Administrator, The School of Psychotherapy, St. Vincent’s University Hospital on